How I Started My Blog in 5 Steps

how to start a fashion blog

This week I’m kicking off a new blogging tips series:

How to Start a Blog

I’m really excited about this series because it’s going to allow me to share everything I’ve done step by step that enabled me to quit my day job and pursue my passion full-time within 18 months.

This is my journey and hopefully it will be a great resource into starting or improving your own blog, and point you in the right direction into following your own passion. I’m still learning new techniques everyday- but I can at least share what I’ve learned up to this point.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be discussing:

  • Branding
  • WordPress vs. other platforms, Installation, Website themes, Widgets
  • SEO, Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • How to Establish and Grow Your Email List

And much MUCH more..

It’s basically the behind-the-scenes mechanics surrounding, starting and maintaining a blog.

Most of the action items that helped me grow, I just figured out along the way through research, advice from coders or fellow bloggers…but I’m going to organize it for you guys so hopefully it will cut your research time way down… and if I can do it- anyone can, no joke.

I want to be a resource and help you anyway I can. Keep in mind though, nothing happens overnight. I’ve had many late nights, early mornings and frustrations along the way. It’s hard work- especially in the beginning with trying to get in the groove with everything and working full-time, but I’m so glad I made the decision to start my blog. It’s been very rewarding and if you’re committed- you can do it too!

I figured it would be best to break it down in the order I would have needed to learn when first starting out. I also didn’t want to create one massive blog post, it’s overwhelming and more difficult to digest… my own eyes start to glaze over after a few paragraphs- and like I said, it absolutely doesn’t happen overnight. Breaking it down into separate posts will allow me to help you along your journey and answer any questions you may have during each topic.

IMG_3800 900

So let’s begin the first topic of many:

Finding Your Niche.

Before you start a blog, you need to do a little research and planning. What you don’t want to do is decide a few months later that you actually don’t love the thing you are blogging about and want to switch your focus. Plan appropriately so you can be committed long-term. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Your Passion

Blogging is a ton of fun but also a ton of work and you want to be writing or producing content about something you absolutely love or you will honestly burn out. For me, that was vintage shopping, thrifting, scoring a deal, etc. Blogging about something you already know or do on a regular basis is much easier than trying to learn something just to hopefully turn it into a business. The topic has to be your passion.


  • Write down three of your hobbies or areas that you truly enjoy- what do you envision committing to writing about regularly?
  • If you had to write about something for the rest of your life (extreme I know), what would it be?


2. Be Unique

Ok so now you have an idea of what you want to blog about, but now you need to make it unique. This sounds so cliché right? Part of finding your niche is defining what will make your blog standout. There are a ton of blogs discussing fashion, food, travel etc., but what makes yours different?

Although blogging is a saturated market- there’s still room to find your voice. For example, while reading style blogs before I started my own, I realized that not many bloggers focused on affordable brands or second-hand items in general, or maybe just not the more well-known ones. I loved checking out the inspirational images, but it didn’t resonate as much with me in terms of actually buying anything.

I knew being stylish without spending a ton could be my unique spin and I also knew there had to be other girls like me that couldn’t justify shopping designer clothing 24/7. I wanted to incorporate my thrift finds but also knew I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into strictly thrift/vintage fashion.

Maybe your strength is photography or funny writing skills- use whatever makes YOU unique and incorporate that into your blog.


  • Take your general hobbies you wrote down and write a more specific feature of each. Food (i.e. gluten free), Travel (i.e. mainly staycations in various cities).. you get the idea.
  • Check out your market- is there anything missing that you could offer?
  • Ask family and friends the question, “What do you think makes me unique?” Sometimes this gets the creative juices flowing and provides you with an outside view of yourself.


3. Be Consistent

Once you figure out your niche, stick with that. For me, I knew I wanted to keep it largely fashion and incorporate lifestyle with my family as well. However, you won’t see me offering cooking advice or discussing mainly beauty brands. I like to mix a little bit of beauty when I find a product I absolutely love, but for the most part, if you visit my blog you know it’s a personal style blog.

On the other hand, if I decided that I wanted to incorporate beauty, food and fashion as the main three focuses- you would see at least a post each week from each category to make sure I was evenly committed to what I was blogging about. Basically, don’t be all over the place- if you’re not completely sure about your blog’s overall theme or message, then you can bet your readers won’t either… possibly losing interest.

Be consistent with whichever areas you want to be your focus.


  • Of your general hobbies and their unique spin, remove anything you can’t see yourself being committed to in the long-term. Maybe you want to write about it here and there, but it’s not going to be the main defining theme of your blog.


4. Create your Tagline

In one or two sentences, sum up what your blog is about for those who first land on your page. You want your audience to understand what they can expect right away from reading your blog. This will also help you figure out what you want to be blogging about overall.

Here’s mine:

Based in Southern California, Thrifts and Threads highlights my affordable style, thrift and vintage finds plus adventures as a wife and mom.

With that in mind, if I feature a higher priced item or a designer splurge, I make sure to mix in either a thrifted item or a more affordable piece. Being mindful of your tagline will help you stay focused on the overall theme of your blog, think of it as your Mission Statement.


  • Pretend you met someone for the first time, in one to two sentences- explain what your blog is about.


5. Research

Find other blogs you admire and figure out why you like visiting their page. Is it the photography, their writing style, interesting articles? For example, I followed wedding blogs when I first started out (mainly because I just had gotten married) and was always drawn to articles that were focused on more affordable style ideas or untraditional bridal party looks. Once I started taking a conscious mental note on what I was drawn to reading, it helped me realize even more so what I enjoyed.

Sitting down and taking a moment to figure out what you are drawn to might help clarify what you want to write about yourself. Clearly I don’t have a wedding blog, but I was still able to identify my passion for affordable style options.


  • Go to your RSS feed and see what you have been reading lately or what photos really inspire you on your Pinterest boards. These might hold the key to what you really enjoy.

These are the first 5 steps I did when starting my own blog and figuring out my niche. Hopefully they will help you as welllll! :)

I really enjoy reading your e-mails and understanding what you guys are struggling with the most- and love that you are asking me for help! But if you have questions, I’m sure other people have the same as well- that’s why I encourage you to leave your questions below each post, that way I can hopefully help more than one person with my response (if I know the answer that is).

P.S. Just for fun, leave your tagline in the comments below. I would love to hear what your blog is about! If you don’t have a blog and are just starting out, comment your ideas on what you have in mind for your tagline.

Happy Blogging!
xx Brittany

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188 Responses to How I Started My Blog in 5 Steps

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Brittany

    Thanks for this awesome post!

    Here’s my ‘tagline’ – Whimsical Truth – a Maltese lifestyle blog // snaphappy blogger :)

    Ruth // Whimsical Truth

  2. Auneetuh says:

    I really love these blogger tips posts! I find myself still doing research every couple of months and moulding myself along with my readers. Sticking to your niche is really important! Love it :)

    • Brittany says:

      Aw thank you- yes figure it, of course sometimes it will evolve (i.e. me including blogging tips when I didn’t originally plan for that in the beginning) but just keep true to your overall focus.

  3. Stephpallante says:

    I love reading your instagram and blogging tips in your post’s! I’m thinking about starting my own and its really helping! Thanks for the advice and i will keep posted for the rest of your interesting tips!

    Steph xox

  4. My tagline is:
    A destination for fashion lovers and trend followers

    That’s basically the description of my blog… Btw thanks for the article, it helps me a lot.

    • Brittany says:

      Awesome! I would suggest maybe adding something a bit more specific. From this I know it’s a fashion blog, but not sure if it’s more a personal style or a fashion news blog? Something to think about!

  5. Bri says:

    I really LOVE all of these tips. My blog tends to be all over the place, so I’m going to get reorganized and redefine my niche!! Thank you for taking the time to share!!

  6. Kelly says:

    Great read Brittany! Thanks for the great info. Do you have any tips and tricks on growing instagram followings as well?

  7. Beth says:

    I am an independent stylist and leader with Ruby Ribbon. I am considering blogging. Maybe something about building confidence with fashion? Still working on it, but I know niche is key. Thanks for the tips!

    • Brittany says:

      That would be a great spin- maybe you could focus on posts about to wear for your body type, work interview outfits, etc. Think about the advice you already give as a stylist and incorporate that into your posts :)

  8. Ilah says:

    Thank you for these awesome tips!

  9. Ashley Rae says:

    Hey Brittany!
    Thanks for all these helpful tips and look forward to continuing to read them! I definitely had trouble with this when I first started (only a few months ago) and probably still do? haha. I felt that I was getting burned out from my job and wanted to change careers into Fashion, which I have been obsessed with since I was little. I started my blog to gain experience when no one would hire me in an area that is so hard to break into without the education (and internships) :) I have fell in love with blogging (and social media) and while it is extremely hard at times, it is so rewarding. I may have found my niche of what I want to have a career in.
    With that being said, here is my tagline: I created Dress 2B You not only as a creative outlet to express my love for fashion, travel, and all things wonderful, but a source of inspiration. It is all about finding who you are and conveying that in the things you wear and the things you do.

    Xo, Ashley Rae
    Dress 2B You

  10. This is super helpful. Love your working space

    Mercedes Marie

  11. Marisa says:

    Thanks so much for these wonderful tips! I just started blogging two months ago and found this post to be super helpful. My blog is dedicated to showcasing affordable style. You can still be on trend and have amazing personal style without breaking the bank! Love your blog😃 can’t wait for more blogging tips to come!!

  12. emily dong says:

    My tagline is “Emsies: A beauty & fashion obsessed engineer”

    Thanks for the great advice!

  13. Torey says:

    Thank you for sharing this new series about how to start a blog and all that comes along with it in the next few steps from gaining followers to monetizing your blog! I just started Torey’s Treasures about fashion and fitness and living a healthy and passionate lifestyle that you love! :) looking forward to your next posts in this series!

  14. Isabella says:

    Hi! My name is Isabella. Born in Brasil, raised around the world, and currently living in Dallas, TX. LaLa Bella was born out of the fashion lover in me and combines my multicultural and South American roots to offer a new fashion perspective to everyone. It is a means of expression to me and a way to make fashion forward styles available to every girl. A lover of travel, foreign films, and a good old time. Enjoy!

  15. Nicole says:

    Cannot wait to follow along with this! I run a style blog called Change + Dress & here’s the tag line: Because the only two constants in life are the way we change + the way we dress. x

  16. Sushmita says:

    Love your blog, and LOVE that you’re taking the time to educate us! I’m going to try my best to follow your advice with my own lil blog. :) Having said that, here’s me introducing my blog to you- Miss Minus Sized is a petite academic’s documentation of experimenting with fashion while maintaining a student budget of $50/month. :)
    xx Su

  17. Mary says:

    Love these tips, I had my blog for a while now but it’s been on and off, but right now I really want to put more effort n be more consistent! I also run a youtube channel! I’m all about fashion,tips,makeup,etc! Love what I do and I know this is my passion.

  18. Ferriss says:

    It all makes sense when it’s in writing! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I anticipate my tag line will evolve a bit as I continue on my blog journey (which is in its very beginner stages right now). But what just came to me without much thought when I started was, “Cultvating positive energy via life + personal style one image and story at a time”.

    Thanks for the chance to share! Xx

  19. Cassandra says:

    This is so helpful! I honestly love that your doing these tips. Not many girls would reveal their secrets lol but blogging should really be all about encouraging and helping each other. It’s great to hear from someone who is a success story in such a short amount of time.

    I know you mention that you’ll be discussing WordPress vs. other platforms. I currently use blogger and I keep going back and forth about if it’s worth the headache to switch to WordPress. Would love your opinion so I can start to get to it if I should :)

    Thanks again and I voted for you on Bloglovin too!

    • Brittany says:

      Aw thanks Cassandra! And actually my post tomorrow covers this topic in-depth, it’s a question I get asked very frequently. I recommend 100% (reasons for that explained tomorrow… stay tuned)

  20. Hi Brittany,

    Thank you so much for this helpful post! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series as you write it.

    Here’s my tagline: Style me Lauren is a personal style blog that showcases my love of timeless fashion and brings my readers the latest high and low trends.

    One thing that really stuck out to me in your post was really focussing in one ONE thing. What makes you, you? I originally started out sharing recipes as well and I think I’m going to forgo the recipe box and just stick to fashion. I’m also a shoe designer by day, so I always think I should be incorporating more footwear stuff on my blog. You’ve really got me thinking now!

    Thanks for your inspiration!!!


    • Brittany says:

      Hi Lauren! You don’t need to cut it out if you really love it- just make sure to have consistent posts about the topics you are covering so the message of your blog stays consistent. Maybe you think along the lines of a personal style blog that incorporates your love for recipes? Something to consider!


  21. Stacey says:

    I feel like you’re speaking directly to me right now, Brittany! I’m dying to read the rest of this series. I’ve considered starting a blog for too long now, it’s time to just do it! What do you think about using your name for your blog vs ‘Thrifts & Threads’ for example?

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Stacey! I wanted my URL to be the same as my blog title and I couldn’t use an ampersand in the URL. I wanted that to be consistent so that was my main deciding factor for using “and.” SEO reasons as well, people are more likely to search “thrifts and threads” than “thrifts & threads.”

      It really just depends on your brand though, for me I didn’t care either way how I separated it- which is why it was easier to go with a consistent URL choice. Hope that helps!

  22. Jackie says:

    Love this post ! Just started my fashion blog & don’t know exactly how to make it perfect and professional. I love your tips and inspiration! I would love to hear more on how to grow your blog and getting yourself noticed! Thank you!! @jackattack03

  23. Kira says:

    Thanks for your amazing articles! Really helphul and inspiring! Made me to rethink my strategy. I guess my blog is about wearing trends in a feminine way, but I clearly need to be more precise!
    Kira Is Wearing

  24. Julie Talbot says:

    Hi Brittany, thank you so much for putting all of this together- I am so pumped to read the complete series! I love the way your blog focuses on affordable yet fashion forward looks and you absolutely nail it every time!

    When you talked about the lack of blogs featuring non-designer and secondhand pieces it really resonated with me and it is the focus of my blog as well. I have been blogging on and off for a few years now but I am eager to make it grow and have some more fun with it. The title of my blog is Poor Girl Rich Taste and my tagline is “lavish living for little loot.” Any thoughts?

    Again thank you so much for doing this it’s such a big help!!!

  25. Kristine says:

    Such a great post! I just celebrated ONE YEAR blogging, and I’m still trying to find my niche. I feel like it has narrowed a bit, I definitely was all over the place at first.

    My tagline: Breakfast with Bentley – Writing about things that make us live, laugh and love.

  26. Heather says:

    Hi Brittany!
    I just want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing what you have learned as a blogger. I love it when women – and bloggers in general – help and encourage one another. Thank you for being such an inspiration… not to mention sharing your “secrets.” I know I need to narrow my Life & Style blog focus a bit – my problem is, I love everything :)! However, this post has inspired me to streamline things a bit more.

    Thank you!

  27. Andrea says:

    Hello Brittany, I love this post. I’m wondering how do you approach brands asking to collaborate, what should you say? Maybe a sampler letter would help. What are the steps besides social media you promote your blog and gain followers? Also, should blogger work with and pay for SEO company to help promote there blog? What company is the best? Thank you for your time and help!

  28. this article is great! I’ve been following you in Instagram for a while! I love your photos and style. I can’t wait for the rest of this series!!!!



  29. Anna says:

    Thanks for writing this! I just started and blog and this is super useful! Do you have any tips on how to find a photographer to take your outfit pictures for your blog?

    • Brittany says:

      I’m actually working on a resource that will list street style photographers in major cities- stay tuned!

      • Rebecca says:

        Ah I hope Toronto (Canada) is included in that list!

        P.s. Thank you so much for writing these posts! You are one of my favourite bloggers and biggest inspirations – I check back every day for new posts! All the best, xx

  30. Gabriella says:

    Thanks so much for these tips! This is unbelievably helpful.:)

  31. Lau says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this post! I’ve had a few blogs in the past and yes you’re right! If you don’t really brainstorm what you love and what you see yourself blogging about for years to come you WILL get burned out. I did. So, after a few blogs I decided to stop and really evaluate what I LOVE. So, after much thought and research I decided to launch a blog dedicated to what makes me SMILE and continue to learn a lot of and write about it! ¨To Breathe. To Wander. is a blog where I share my yoga practice, wanderlust adventures, life notes and affordable minimalistic style.¨

  32. I just started my blog and found this very helpful! It’s mostly about fashion and some beauty. I currently don’t have a tagline but I am definitely adding one to my blog and this is what I came up with. Please let me know what you think!

    There is nothing wrong with getting the same item in multiple colors. One in every color is a source for inspiration on affordable trends and easy to achieve glam.

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Adriana, I would maybe just use the second part as the tagline and perhaps elaborate more in your “About Me” section on the first part.

      Hope that helps!

  33. I just started my blog and found this very helpful! It’s mostly about fashion and some beauty. I currently don’t have a tagline but I am definitely adding one to my blog and this is what I came up with. Please let me know what you think!
    There is nothing wrong with getting the same item in multiple colors. One in every color is a source for inspiration on affordable trends and easy to achieve glam.

  34. Hi Brittany!

    You are always so kind and generous with your knowledge and time. Thank you for sharing your tips!

    Here’s my tagline, and i think it’s still evolving, but as it stands:

    “By day I am mom to a trio of little people. By night I am a blogger exploring capsule wardrobes and slow-fashion. Welcome to my virtual living room!”

  35. This post is TOP! It really made me think about the whole blogging aspect but most of all why I started blogging.
    Thanks for this, babe!

    and my tag line is:

    “Marie Roget is a french dream of a unique Portuguese girl who loves simple fashion and travelling. Simple lifestyle and affordable classic fashion is the main focus of MR. ”

    Love, Marie Roget

  36. Applique says:

    I love the article, very interesting!
    My Tagline is No matter what your size, look or style is, always be confident!
    Image consultant and stylist fashion blogger.


  37. songbirdechoes says:

    Hey Brittany, I love how helpful you are! That’s probably why I was drawn to follow your content…you remind me of me :)

    I’m starting to work on my lifestyle blog. I’ve started with Instagram for now.

    My tag line will go something like.. “Be a voice, not an echo. Unless, you are a songbird’s echo”. This suggests we should all have our own voice, be proud of our individuality and our own styles.

    It’s still a little messy in my head but I’m trying out a few things.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  38. Hi Brittany! I discovered your blog from this year’s Bloglovin Awards nominations (hint: I voted for you). I totally agree with your advice, it more or less describes my own experience after two years of blogging. My tagline is:

    Foodaki On The Go is a food & travel blog, full of tasty, happy adventures in Athens and around the world

    Congrats for your nomination and good luck! xoxo

  39. celyn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing so many helpful tips! I don’t really have a tagline but now I am going to do that first thing! Thanks for all the advice!


  40. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the advice! I just started my blog a few months ago and I want to blog about fashion and travel. But I have a really hard time getting traffic. Can you give me some advice about that? I mean I read a lot about how to. But it all sounds the same. Do you have a real effective advice for real beginners where to start with?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Lynn, I’ll be discussing blog traffic more in depth within the next few weeks but when you first start your blog, the process will be slow- that’s why many bloggers burn out.

      You need to be consistent with content and promote effectively. You have to create a site that when people visit it for the first time, they want to come back and especially for style bloggers, clear nice photos are a must. A few things to keep in mind before my post on it more in-depth.

  41. Amanda Renee says:

    Hi Brittany! I can’t thank you enough for writing these helpful articles for all the newbie bloggers out there like myself! I love seeing all of your gorgeous thrift-friendly finds! My blog features three main sections on academia, style, and mommyhood and my tagline is “Académique Chic: A Blog for the Stylish and Scholarly.” As a busy academic and new mom, I was wondering if you happen to have any tips on finding time to take the professional photos for blog posts and if you might be able to recommend a user-friendly DSLR-quality camera that my non-photographer husband could easily use to take the pics! Thanks so much, girl! :)

    – Amanda Renee @

    • Brittany says:

      Hi Amanda, I’m not too sure about other cameras besides the kind I use: Canon 6D 85mm lens. But my blogger friend Michelle recently just showed me the coolest camera that I want to get: Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7. We were using it at lunch the other day and I was so impressed how easy to use and how nice the photos came out! That may be one to research further :)

  42. Jasmine says:

    Natural Hair + Life
    After reading this article I might change it to
    Natural Hair + Life Inspiration

  43. Lauren says:

    Hi Brittany,
    Great info, thank you for sharing. I have two questions…what do you think is the best program to make product collages in? And do you have a seperate IG personal account from your blog?


    • Brittany says:

      I use Photoshop for collages. I have a personal IG account but I rarely go on it- I found it was too much work to log in and out of my two accounts- and because I post more frequently on @thriftsandthreads I just stay logged into that one. I recommend making an account for your blog though to make sure your handle matches your blog title (as much as possible).

  44. This is a great guide! I found actually pinpointing what I love most about my favorite blogs to be really helpful.

    My tagline is: With a hectic Chicago life, this city girl is always searching for ways to simplify and still be chic in every area from fashion to food (gluten free) to decor and beyond!

    I would love any thoughts or pointers you have.

    Ms. Peony and Grahams

    • Brittany says:

      Hi! Maybe include something with what the readers can expect from your blog- you say you are searching to simplify, but is it quick DIY for decor or more inspirational photos along with outfit posts and recipes? Simple decor, quick recipes, etc.? Something to keep in mind! :)

  45. Elizabeth says:

    I love your blog/instagram/snapchat so much! You have inspired me to take that leap and create my own. Thank you for this post and I will definitely be using the tips to help me find my niche. :)

    Sending love from ATX

  46. Sharon says:

    Hi Brittany,

    I am so excited to read this new series of yours! Thank you for breaking down the art of blogging as a career. I have wanted to make the transition for a while but there is so much I need to learn first (it’s also somehow empowering that you are living in my city…maybe this is possible after all).

    Her is my tagline: “Foreign Escapades…where life happens!”

    Best regards,

  47. Margarita says:

    Hi Honey,

    I’ve been really zeroing in on my blog theme and style. Feels really refreshing to have someone offer their real experience and opinion. It also seems from your posts you really want to help. I will absolutely follow up on your future posts about blogging x

  48. Pingback: How To Start a Blog: WordPress, Domain and Hosting | Thrifts and Threads

  49. Elina Chin says:

    Thank you so much for writing this post, it’s possibly the most direct and action-pointed ‘starting a blog’ post I’ve ever come across. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of this series. I started blogging only a few months back, so I’m still very much in the learning phase, and really appreciate it when people write these kinds of posts. I’m definitely going to spend the weekend doing the action points you suggest to try and get my blog really off the ground! xx

  50. Imo says:

    hey Brittany, I have been following you on instagram and on snapchat for quite a while now and you are by far my favourite blogger :) you inspired me to start a blog but I havent had time to really kick it off properly yet. I am hoping to get it started soon and it should revolve around my personal tastes in fashion, food and where I like/would like to travel :)

    Thank you for inspiring me :)

    Imo xoxo

  51. Stephanie says:

    Hi Brittany,
    What a lovely series of posts! I started my blog, The Style Memo, just over a year ago and it’s definitely evolved – mostly because of a huge improvement in the photos because of a better camera purchase. I love reading these types as posts as they are such a great source of education! Sometimes it can be disheartening to be amongst a sea of bloggers but then I find a gorgeous blog and it inspires me to continue and grow.
    Thanks so much!
    Stephanie x

  52. Indy says:

    Thanks for this, I’ve found it really helpful!
    This is my tagline – Indy, 18 // Fashion Design & Marketing student.
    I feel like what I’m studying successfully highlights my interest in fashion, something I aim to base my blog around.

  53. Brittany says:

    That’s a cool concept- I like it!

  54. Melissa says:

    This was very helpful, I’ve had my blog on and off for a while now and only recently really started to get into after leaving my previous job. It’s been hard to find my niche since I do like so many different things.

    This is what I have so far:

    Everyday Melissa focuses on having a place where beauty, movies, style and T.V., among other things, collide.

    • Brittany says:

      Maybe change “among other things” to “and my daily life” or something more specific. Also, change T.V. to Television for SEO purposes.

  55. Kristin says:

    Hi Brittany,

    first: Sorry for my english , I´m from Germany.

    Just wanna drop a message because you motivated me so much.

    I started with a style jounal on instagram a couple of month ago. I followed you from the beginning but never thought about something “professional” like this. My friends and of course the instagram likes encouraged me to take it more seriously. First I was embaressed to “show of” but now I am self confident and accepet it as a serious hobby and passion. I figured that´s what I´m really good at. When I read your first posts about Blogging I knew that I did the right thing without knowing or reading it before. Still you gave me so many things to think about like improving and stuff. I tried some tips you talked aboout like mentioning the places I´ve bee to or get a statistic at iconosquare. It works !

    Thats my little story I wanted to share with you :) The result: I´m doing research to find a name for a blog.
    It makes me happy to follow you. Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!


  56. Mallory says:

    This is great, thank you so much for doing this! My blog is Sweet & Sauer (Sauer is my last name so it’s a play on words). My original tag line was “A little bit of sweet, a whole lot of Sauer.” but after reading your post I realized that doesn’t communicate to readers what I’m blogging about. I like my original tag line but want to add on so my readers know what they’re getting. Thinking of updating to: “A little bit of sweet, a whole lot of Sauer – showing you basic doesn’t mean boring.” My style is very simple and I want to share with my readers that you can wear jeans and a tshirt without looking boring. Would love to hear your thoughts :)

  57. Amazing tips. I love your blog and when you wrote those tips I really appreciated this, because I needed help to grow my blog. I also love this advice about focusing on three hobbies of you and then narrow it to one.

    Here is my tag line ” The Pharaoh Fashionista comes to you from Egypt, to focus on the most wearable trends that can be worn all over the world no matter what your culture is.”

  58. Joy says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I really want to know where you got your laptop case! I have been looking for something like that!

  59. Catherine says:

    These blogging tips have been super useful for me. I feel as if I have been all over the place with my blog and now I realize I really need to focus in on my favorite things and stick to it. Thanks so much for taking the time to write out how you reached success!!

  60. Alyssa says:

    I love your posts and I love that you are local! I just subscribed :) My tag line is “Living In Style OC was developed as a creative avenue to allow Alyssa to share her everyday life and all the great things Orange County has to offer.”
    XO Cant wait to read the rest!

  61. Taylor says:

    Hey Brittany!

    I can’t tell you how much I love your posts about blogging! I literally can’t wait to quit my day job and finally live my dream of Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging. I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the last year and a half and I’m finally ready to have my website take off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to to your upcoming posts about blogging and appreciate your advice more than I can say. I’m so glad I found your blog! :)


  62. Nadia says:

    I found your blog via Because I’m Addicted and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for these posts, and really taking the time to go into detail.:)

  63. Alyssa says:

    Honestly, great article. I’m have a rough patch here lately. I can’t seem to get it together. Do you mind if I send you an email asking you something?

  64. Raquel says:

    I really appreciate bloggers like yourself, who are willing to help other bloggers with so many questions it can be so overwhelming. I personally have had the urge to give up blogging because I feel that, at times, I’m not getting anywhere, maybe wasting my time. But I love it so much and try to educate myself as much as I can to better my brand every week. So, again, thank you for doing this for other bloggers; not all are willing to do what you do and this truly sets you apart from all the rest.

    Best regards,


  65. I really like your “how to start a blog”-series since I’m (duh!) a blogger who just started a couple of months ago. I blog about my travels and how I believe “no time or no money” is no excuse for not travelling. Although I blog in Dutch, my tagline is in English: “scratchingmymap, one trip at the time”. This is because the inspiration for my blogname was my scratchmap, where you can scratch country by country so that you get a beautifully coloured map.

  66. Chelsea says:

    This is the idea for the blog my friend and I are starting:

    Follow two adventurous babes on their journeys and discover their daily health, beauty and fashion essentials along the way.

    let me know what you think!

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  68. Haley Williams says:

    This is so helpful. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I was intimidated about how to go about starting one. I recently took the first step – I created an Instagram (poppieson9th) – and found your account when I was trying to decided what style I wanted mine to have. I went to your blog because I was so impressed by the Instagram. Finding this post was incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time!

    I think I want to focus on mixing styles and showing how pieces can be worn different ways. Maybe mine could be:

    PoppiesOn9th is about a New Yorker with a tiny closet. It’s a style journal focusing in on her life and her wardrobe as she uses every piece to its fullest potential.

  69. Catie says:

    I am so excited you are doing this series. I’m in serious need of some mentoring and everytime I try to reach out to someone who inspires me, I’m just ignored. I’m hoping that by going through your series it will help me become a better writer/content creator for the blog portion of my website. I started my website to help promote my dream of being a fashion designer and showcasing my handmade clothing.

    I’m thinking my new headline will be “Just a California Girl in a Washington State of Mind” since I moved to Washington three years ago and have been trying to adjust to how different it is up here. I would be expanding my blog by highlighting fun things to do, eat, and where to shop since those are what I’m passionate about!

  70. Katie says:

    Great post, especially love the part about creating a great tagline.

    Blessed are the Chic is your source for fashion that’s eco friendly, ethical and fair


  71. Hannah says:

    Love your tips! They are so helpful. I am in the process of growing my following for my blog and Instagram account, I’ve found that is mainly where my traffic comes from! The Sunny Side of Things is my life and style blog- with a whole love of travel mixed in. As for my tagline, I am still developing that!

  72. Samantha says:

    Great post! Thanks for all this useful information!

  73. Jessa says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this, Brittany! Having dived into my blog five months ago, this was not only helpful, but a nice lil’ dose of motivation.

    Still working on a tagline that is exactly what I want..

    Tagline: Left a career made in the sports industry to pursue a life of creativity, writing and style. Wavy Alabaster reveals my journey along with my style along the way.

  74. Aimee says:

    Loving this series! My tag line (although I’m just realising this is more prominent on my social media than my actual blog…) is

    …’Tomorrow Living is a sustainable fashion and green beauty blog with a heart for community.’ Got to work on making this more visible!

  75. Cosmina says:

    My blog is about fashion and I must say that your post is helping really much.I can’t wait to read the next ones!!! <3 Thank uyou for sharing !!

  76. My tagline is ‘ FadedSpring a platform where voices can be heard through the medium of fashion’. Thank you for writing this helpful post I was engrossed from the get go and as a new blogger finding your niche and standing out is integral to the success of your blog. For me I am a fashion blogger that explores social issues such as bullying, image distortion and abuse, all autobiographical events that have happened to me and I would like to share with my readers. What makes me stand out is my knowledge of the fashion industry but also my poetic/ prose narrative that mixes fashion with embracing your identity x

  77. Linda Joy says:

    Hey! I am so thankful for this series you’re working on about blogging! So perfect for me! I don’t have a tagline just yet, but would love any help that I could get from someone who has much more experience in this field than I. I know that I want to do fashion and lifestyle blogging, and that I definitely want to highlight artistry and creativity expressed in different ways. I have been given so many good friends who are so creative and entrepreneurial whom I would love to use as encouragements to others who have struggled with fear or intimidation when it comes to pursuing creativity. I would love your input as I am working on building my website now. Also, what do you know about working with weebly vs working with

    Thanks so much!

  78. This is inspirational! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I am just starting out and looking forward to my blogging journey :) My tagline is “Strong passion for budget friendly shopping and DIY. Building a home and closet with finds from second-hand markets and DIY projects.

  79. We feel like this post will be very help full for our blog. We are twins and we both live Fashion & Food and it is very frustrating that having our blog to succeed is a huge process. We would love for you to take a look at out blog to give us a few pointers on how to make it more noticeable. We feel like we are just talking about one thing which is about fashion and food which we love but just talking about places to go and where we got clothing from it is just so simple and we feel like you can help us in a big part. We can tell you the truth that we are not always up to date only because of school work and stuff but we try our hardest to keep up to date. But we love our blog and we think that the thing that makes us unique is that we are twins that each have a passion for fashion or food. So we would love for you to go check out our blog and send us an email at [email protected] or somehow contact us so you can just giving us pointers on how to make our blog succeed and popular just like yours which we admire your blog.

  80. Lo says:

    I discovered your blog at the moment and read a few post about blogging and it’s very interesting !
    Thank you !
    I plan to change my blog actually in something else always, about fashion, your post will help me.

  81. Thanks so much for the tips! I just started out and have been doing a lot of research. Your blog is one I’m really looking up to.

    My ‘tagline’ is: Working, playing, praying & blogging it all passionately.

  82. It is really cool to see how far you’ve come.

    I have had a blog previously which was going pretty well, but I deleted it. Oh God, how much I regret it! I was missing blogging after that, writing and expressing myself and my love for fashion. Maybe I won’t have a big blog or make a living out of it, but I truly love it. I love giving time to something creative that helps me get away from my everyday problems.

    SO thank you for your tips, those will be very helpful with my new start. Now I have to find a tag line too. :D :D

  83. pari says:

    this is SO helpful – thank you so much for posting this series! i’m just getting started with my blog and you’ve already helped me organize my scattered thoughts significantly with this post! my tagline: from the central steppes of asia to the fashion capitals of the world, pari brings you east-meets-west jetsetter style for the modern girl on a budget!

  84. So excited this post is helping me rebrand my blog!

    I know I am late in reading this post. but my tag line is

    “From a caterpillar to Vanessa Hudgens : The Alex Spradling story.”


  85. Sharon Scurr says:

    Hi Brittnay

    I have been following your blog for about a month and love it , I started blogging on Facebook 6 months ago to see if I could do it and now I want to move into the real world of blogging and I am freaked out.Your post has been amazing thank you. I am originally from the UK . I find in New Zealand we are really restricted with fashion and everything is so expensive because there is no competition. I really stuggled with this. Then international online shopping came about and I now buy alot from the UK and the US sales and work with what I have already just rejigging the styles each year.

    I wondered if you would give me your honest opinion on my tagline. Any feed back god bad or ugly is appreciated(haha)

    Based in New Zealand and orignally from the UK .I started A little called Fashion to share my tips on my capsule wardrobes, my affordable, fun and stylish fashion finds from online stores all around the world for busy women and mums like me who want to look good but not sure where to look.

  86. Becky Mazzie says:

    Hi Brittany!
    I’ve been considering starting a blog for quite some time and just wanted to say this post is super helpful and I enjoy reading your posts! I look forward to learning more and building up the courage to dive in!
    :) Becky

  87. Abby Johnson says:

    Been wanting to start a blog for FOREVER and this seriously helped!

  88. Amanda Mumaugh says:

    Thank you for the great content. I am just starting to do the research for starting a blog verses website. I love you action steps and the simplicity to get started. This is the first rough draft of what i think my tagline will lead to:

    Born with a gypsy heart, I can never sit still. Here’s to living a fit, healthy, adventurous life full of family (2 legged and 4 legged), friends, and those strangers that become family.

    Would love your feedback.

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts :)

  89. Shelby says:

    Hey, Brittany. I found you on Instagram months ago and immediately fell in love with your point of view. Your style is similar to mine and I always find inspiration & ideas in your outfits. You also inspired me to start a blog. I’ve always loved fashion and style and have always been known in my life for my “style”. Ive always received compliments on my clothes & attitude and I’ve always loved picking out outfits and shopping for my friends! So I figured why not try to start my own blog where I post outfit ideas, favorites I want, and my personal outfits! I might also post a bit about beauty. I’m going to Fresno State for Fashion Merchandising and I also work full time at a clothing store. I’m a busy bee and while I would love to be a full time blogger, I think for me its just gonna be a hobby. My dream is to ultimately work for Nasty Gal. ( not saying it wouldn’t be awesome if it became a full time thing)
    My tagline is “AMENFASHION is a destination for the fashionista who isn’t afraid to stand out.”

  90. Tiasha Baez says:

    Hello Brittany!
    I love your blog and the suggestions you gave in this post. I am planning out my fashion blog & hoping that it launches this summer. My plan is to portray inexpensive fashion for young girls (since I am a teenager) with thrifts as well as newly purchased items. I just found your blog today when I googled “thrifts and threads,” because I wanted to make sure that no one had this as their blog name, so that I could name my blog “thrifts and threads.” However, I am happy this cleverly named blog belongs to you. Thank you so much for these tips! I look forward to visiting your blog often.

    XXO, Tiasha Baez

  91. gisel says:

    Hi Brittany!

    I am so happy I found your how-to for blogging! I have been considering for quite some time now creating a personal style/shopping blog. You’ve highlighted a few of the items that are more challenging, yet so clear when laid out, about building a brand for the blog. I’ll be diligently reading along!

    I’m a lover of (ridiculously) affordable finds, and pulling together more elevated casual looks, as inspired by celebrities. I also love my last name, Luna (means “Moon” in Spanish) so I hope to incorporate that in some way in my blog.

    Thanks! Gisel

  92. Ansu Visser says:

    Hi Brittany

    I love your blog, the vibe and style. I’ve started a blog more than two months ago and it’s not really style related but I do find that I am learning from your blog, especially about consistency in writing and style of pictures etc.

    My blog needs a more specific niche- at the moment it’s more about a twenty three year old figuring out this grown up life I’m now meant to live. Basically blogging on experiences, or common thoughts. Therefore the tagline is: The blog that’s trying to figure it out. I’m an actress in South Africa and am thinking of making that more a departure point. There’s just not a lot of blogs (that I know of) that has this idea that I can research to see what they do and what works etc. Maybe you know of some that you can recommend? So I think ultimately it will be more a lifestyle blog.

    But I do find that this post has helped me.
    Thanks again

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  94. LaurelBeauty says:


    This has helped so much, I started my blog a couple weeks ago, and although I know what I would like to blog about, I’m constantly trying to change it as I keep changing my mind about how I would like it to look. This is the post I have been searching for! My Tag line is My Life, My Fashion, My Thoughts..

  95. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. They are SO helpful as I am starting my blog!

  96. Tawny says:

    Love this post, thank you for your advice! Keep it coming PLEASE!

  97. Tawny says:

    Love this post, thank you for the great advice. I look forward to reading more of your posts!!!

  98. chanel says:

    Thank you so much for posting these tips. I stumbled across this article today, after a semi- discouraging afternoon. It was just what I needed to regain focus. Enough about me… you are fabulous :) Thanks

  99. My tag line is “Living the Adventurous Life in Style”.

    This post has been very helpful. I will look for the rest of the series! You are awesome !

  100. Ro Linds says:

    Great post! Tag line: Based in Hawaii, Pressure Points fuses physical victories with business, relationships and life.

  101. Azul says:

    Hi Brittany! I am from Buenos Aires,Argentina and i love your blog! I discovered ir a few weeks and i’m addicted to it! And now i really want to have a blog of my own but i’m trouble with the main theme of it because i love fashion but i also love to cook, and also love to give advice to people with emotional things,maybe i have to do mire than one blog i dont know, i would like you to give me some advice with that!
    Azul ( 20 years old)

  102. Anonymous says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this post, as I am just in the process of starting my own blog about mixing vintage fashion with some individual and everyday pieces, so this has really spoken to me, thank you for summing it all up for us :)

  103. Jayne says:

    Wow! You are so wonderful and giving. I am starting my blog with someone who is helping me set it up. A true God send. But, you have helped immensely. I really am confident about starting this blog. Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you:-)

  104. I am new to blogging and have a ton of work to do on my page / growing to do. You have been incredibly helpful! So THANK YOU!

    My tagline is : Living the simple life in Alberta and thriving in the little things – Lifestyle blog.

  105. Eyman Asyraf says:

    Here’s my tagline

    Blankologie – Based in Malaysia, A non-average guy shares his personal styles and some random lifestyle tips and tricks.

    What do you think, Brittany?

    Thank you :)

  106. Hi! I love te blogging tips posts. I want my blog to become a professional portal about fashion.
    I really love what I’m doing.
    Here’s my blog

  107. Gosia says:

    I still have to think thru my tag line, but will updated it in near future, thx for your tips.

  108. I’m vibrantly walking through this life while currently living in the city of Angels. I am 24 years young & chasing the true meaning of myself through fashion, spirituality, adventure & love.

  109. Your tips are very helpful towards my own blog success. Thank You!

  110. Thanks for your tips
    My tagline is motherhood, beauty and fashion

  111. Tessa Machen says:

    Thank you for the article! Very helpful.. I am doing a revamp on my website and look forward to reading the other posts you have written as well. I have a passion for modeling, fashion, art, fitness, travel, creating art, meeting new people & the list goes on. I have a full-time in sales so this article will really help me to focus & look forward to learning more from you.

  112. Elise Mak says:

    Hi, Brittany!

    I had a blog that I started awhile ago that I never felt fully connected to. I liked the name of it, but I didn’t LOVE it. I found myself struggling to come up with content, which kept me all over the place. I decided to start all over. Over the past few months, I’ve figured out what I think might work for me in my new blog. I currently work in the law field (hopefully not for much longer when my blog takes off! (: ) so I have to dress a certain way. However, I found that my work style is pretty different than my personal style. So, I figured I could make my blog about how to blend the two together — for the (office) working women who still have a sassy, cute, chic side outside of work. Thoughts? Is that not specific enough?

  113. Amy says:

    Because of this post, I was able to start a blog of my own. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. My blog is still in the works, but thank you for helping me get started :)

  114. Hello :) I had a blog and I just wrote freely there then I stopped because I felt like I wasn’t writing for anyone and it just felt bland. But now I started to revive my blog with lots of my personal interest. With that in mind, my blog became a personal interest blog where I share my experiences and thoughts about the clothes I wear, the hardships I go as a student, making my own playlist, sharing my literature so I just wanted to ask if this was a good thing or not. Thank you! :)

  115. Sienna says:

    Love your tips!! You’ve inspired me to create a blog. I’ve always been obsessed with a bargain as well. Maybe my tag line will be “Why pay more when you can pay less!”


  116. Hello:) I have been following your blog for a while now and really love your style and personality! I started a blog a few months ago and it is in the very beginning stages, however your tips and advice posts really help, so thank you for adding that section to your blog! My blog is and the tagline is: layer your cakes. layer your clothes.

  117. Lily says:

    HiBrittany, thank you for all your advice and helpful tips. You’ve inspired me and have motivated me to start my blog. I’ve loved fashion and decorating for a long. I feel we have a lot in common, I also thrift shop and have found a lot of vintage clothing. At times I’ve been inspired to open my own thrift store. Thank you again for motivating me to get started.

  118. Teresa Duke says:

    My tagline is “Navigating life with a little help from God’s word.” I want to show people there are answers to life’s problems in the Bible, without being preachy, I’ll highlight personal experiences and things I learned through them

    What do you think?

    Thanks for the good information. This is great!

  119. Monica Tan says:

    Hi Brittany

    Thanks for this awesome post!

    Here’s my ‘tagline’ – Whimsical Truth – a Maltese lifestyle blog // snaphappy blogger :)


  120. Hi Brittany,

    I’m new in this blogging world and this post really help me.
    I was focusing in personal style as well but recently I got offer to collaborate with beauty products.
    I kind of confused at first but now I know what to do.
    Thank you and hope you success always!

  121. Ellie says:

    Hi Brittany,

    This is so helpful and cool that you’re helping people new to blogging!

    I need your help; I have two huge interests and these are styling outfits in a way that appeals to a younger age group in terms of price and style, but takes a more unconventional twist on what is trendy on the high street. However, I also have a huge passion for the cinema and movie going. How do you recommend I incorporate these in one blog?

    Keep doing what you’re doing xx

  122. Rivka says:

    This post is amazing… well I have a qustion, Which Theme in wordpress are you using? I love the set up of this

  123. Sharmaine says:

    I don’t have a blog yet but..
    Here’s my tagline:

    Streets and Cultures features an asian vibe in fashion/beauty and street photography along with savoring sweet and healthy food.

    Thanks for the article! :)

  124. Supriya says:


    i am a huge fan of your work. i really enjoy reading it. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and i wanna start my blog about fitness, health and styling ( more health and fitness inclined). This post is really helpfull as the idea is in my mind only.

  125. Zamamiya says:


    This is so amazing, I’m so glad I came across your page. I’ve taken the creepy route of cutting out my social media for a month. I wanted to learn how to use my spare time productively. I’m struggling to choose a name for my blog. So far I”ve been playing around with Mamma mia phrases since my name, Zamamiya, rhymes with it. So far “Like the musical” “Here we go again” have been the go to titles but I feel like there could be a better option.

    Okay then this pretty lengthy :x

    Drafts 1 of my tagline: (At 19, I decided to find a career path) Here I tackle the 5 “Fs” of Fxcking shxt up. Hopefully finding my purpose while doing it

    (Fashion, Food, Flights(traveling), Fitness and Friends (interviews, discussions and collaborations))

    I would appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism.

    kind regards
    Iintombi Zamamiya (Miya)

  126. Hi Brittany I’ve been following you for a while and I absolutely love watching what you do and how you do it!
    I love that you engage with your followers as much as you can and that gives reassurance that you keep it real!

    I do have a couple of questions and I would appreciate it immensely if you can help me out.
    I’m in the process of beginning a blog but still a bit lost and not sure exactly how to go about it. I’ve been getting great feedback on IG and been building my following on there however, I’m noticing a pattern. I’ll go up with a couple of followers and then two days later I’d loose them. Basically this has been happening on and off for a while now. I’ve picked my niche and I’m very focused on delivering valuable content. I’ve noticed that my consistent followers will comment and like my pictures however, I want to build my following and drive all these people to my blog eventually.
    I’ve seen you on daily Vee (Gary Vee) and I must say I’m a huge fan of his, so I’m assuming you are doing something great!
    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Sara Berkovic

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